Therapeutic Services

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is aimed at helping the individual identify distorted thinking patterns and challenge irrational beliefs. Talk therapy can also be used as a tool to learn more about healthy coping mechanisms and how to implement them successfully.

EMDR involves 8 different phases and is used to reprocess trauma and negative core beliefs. By focusing on the traumatic memory and participating in bilateral stimulation, the symptoms associated with the trauma are expected to decrease. The hope is to be less triggered and reactive to somatic experiences.

Unique Support

Meals, snacks, rituals, parent coaching, obsessive exercise etc.

Are you struggling with a specific meal time or need a distraction during a specific hour due to exercise and ritual patterns? Are you trying to navigate parenting a child who is struggling with an eating disorder? Do you need some direction and validation? I’m here. These services can be offered after the “normal” work hours, allowing you to receive extra support.

Body Image Groups & Speaking Engagements

If you’re interested in learning more about body image, or have a group of individuals in mind, please reach out. I am interested in running groups at the local schools and organizations. The earlier we can teach our youth about self-love and the importance of being unique— the better!

Brainspotting uses fixed eye movements to heal trauma. By utilizing brainspotting, some people are able to identify, process and release trauma.


Initial Intake Appointment


30 Min Talk Therapy


60 Min Session


90 Min Session


Why cash pay only ?

Skipping insurance allows us to focus on you and your needs, rather than let insurance dictate your care.

I will provide a super bill, if requested. You can submit the super bill to your insurance, if you have out of network coverage. In addition, you can use a FSA/HSA account to pay for services.