Hannah Bishop is a recovered professional and an authentic therapist.

Hannah is a nationally certified counselor and trauma specialist. In addition, she is a Be Body Positive* licensed facilitator. Hannah uses EMDR and Brainspotting as modalities in her therapeutic approach.

Areas of Healing

  • Learn intuitive eating principles and how to incorporate the skills into your daily life
  • Become confident in who you are without changing your size, weight, shape and appearance
  • Discover your strengths and identify how to apply self-compassion
  • Decrease distress with traumatic memories and negative core beliefs through EMDR and brainspotting
  • Navigate fat phobia and diet culture by disrupting the macro and micro level systems
  • Challenge distorted thinking patterns
  • Heal from generational trauma
  • Implement healthy boundaries and become an independent person
  • Learn healthy coping tools to apply during times of worry, panic, sadness and fear
  • Become an authentic person and begin to enjoy life again

Accepting New Clients in Wisconsin — Telehealth Only

I am also available through Open Path with sliding scale fees